Tiny Perfect Moments

Reimagine your world, connected through art

Tiny Perfect moments brings people together through art and creative expression.

We celebrate vibrant color. We lean into rich textures and patterns. We embrace art as a vehicle for self-expression, and community, wherever you live. We capture and celebrate tiny perfect moments and share them.

Abstract art has a unique way of connecting you to a sense of place as well as your creative, intuitive self. Passing moments full of connection and beauty are amplified through these one of a kind prints, happy bags, tea towels. Little glimpses of luxury and beauty in your home to help remind you of the beauty all around us.

Lisa Mann Fine art and Tiny perfect moments

Hi there! My name is Lisa Mann, an award winning mixed media abstract artist and founder of Tiny perfect moments. My work revolves around bright beautiful colors and turning everyday passing moments into abstract expressive pieces of art. I love to travel and be exposed to new people and cultures. On my journey, I have turned “tiny perfect moments” that I witness into pieces of art to share and enjoy. The clean lines, simple shapes and bright modern colors are a reference to focus on the “big picture” of life’s pleasures: a conversation with a friend, the anticipation of eating a pastry at a local bakery, a quiet moment by the sea with my dog, even doing the laundry and taking joy in completing a small task. I revel in the small details of a turtle’s shell just as much as the hug from two long lost friends. I hope you enjoy these works as much as I enjoyed making them. They are a way for me to share more love and joy and good energy with all. You can find my original work in galleries throughout the country and in my studio in Naxos Greece. I have carefully curated pieces of my original artwork onto these small luxuries for you. To learn about classes, and original works visit: www.lisamannfineart.com

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